Vibracia violin duet

"Vibracia" is concentration of astonishing dynamical energy: beautiful faces, expressive hands, interlacing of violin voices from the classical world in modern arrangement.

Not only instrumental classical and pop hits in creative transcription are presented by Vibracia. When you hear the girls singing it seems that you've always longed for such cordial performance. Music played by the duet will excite feelings which seem to come to you only in dreams...

Now the band has taken a worthy place among Russian pop stars.

Numerous concerts in the most significant halls of Russia and abroad have taken place within the last few years: Rossia Concert Hall, the Kremlin Palace, WESTIN Concert Hall in San Francisco during festival of Russian culture, Royal Academy of Arts in London, solo performances in China and on Cyprus TV, presentation of Sochi for the International Olympic committee and many others.

In 2007 Vibracia duet was awarded with “National Heritage of Russia” prize in culture domain

We love you!
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